Boscoe France: Guitar Center’s 2012 Battle of the Blues Winner

Western Kentucky has a rich history of producing talented musicians who have made huge contributions to our nation’s musical heritage. Well known musicians such as Bill Monroe and Merle Travis are known worldwide for their groundbreaking recordings and performances. This tradition continues today with young, extremely talented musicians such as Boscoe France. In the month of November, 1976, Daniel “Boscoe” France was born to Danny and Karen France in Madisonville, KY – where he still resides today with his two children, Gabriel and Veda Sioux.

His family’s love of music inspired him at the age of three to pick up a guitar, and his uncle Duke Madison taught him how to play that guitar. By the age of fourteen, Boscoe was playing bars in bands and developing his skills as a professional guitarist. Later, always wanting to be involved in music, he also worked as part of the road crew for several national acts. Although influenced by many genres of music, Boscoe’s love of the raw emotion of Blues music has made it his favorite – and he lists Duane Allman,Freddie King, and Elmore James as the guitarists whose playing he most admires.

This Blues influence helped Boscoe become the 2012 winner of Guitar Center’s Battle Of The Blues competition in Los Angeles. Out of over four thousand competitors nationwide, Boscoe came out on top. In addition to the cash and gear prizes, Boscoe became an official endorser of Gibson guitars, Egnater amps, Ernie Ball, Roland, andShure microphones. Recording sessions with Grammy winning producer Pete Anderson were also a result of the competition. Boscoe can be seen performing with his band, The Boscoe France Band – featuring John Gillespie on bass and Jimmy Cummings on drums.

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Boscoe France: Guitar Center's 2012 Battle of the Blues Winner

Boscoe France: Guitar Center’s 2012 Battle of the Blues Winner