Dewa Budjana Mahandini

Dewa Budjana - Mahandini I Dewa Gede Budjana (born August 30, 1963) is an Indonesian guitarist, songwriter and composer. He is the lead guitarist and songwriter of the band Gigi. Budjana's style changed dramatically to jazz as he got to know John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Jeff [...]

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Hiromi Uehara The Trio Project

上原ひろみ ザ・トリオ・プロジェクト - 「MOVE」ライヴ・クリップ Hiromi Uehara The Trio Project Hiromi Uehara (上原 ひろみ, Uehara Hiromi, born 26 March 1979), known professionally as Hiromi, is a Japanese jazz composer and pianist. She is known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances [...]

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Scott Henderson – Lady P

Scott Henderson - Lady P Scott Henderson (born August 26, 1954) is an American jazz fusion and blues guitarist best known for his work with the band Tribal Tech. Henderson formed Tribal Tech with bass player Gary Willis in 1984. Under the direction of Henderson [...]

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Greg Howe’s Extraction

Greg Howe's Extraction Extraction is a collaborative studio album by guitarist Greg Howe, drummer Dennis Chambers and bassist Victor Wooten, released on October 7, 2003 by Tone Center Records. According to Howe, the album went through a very difficult recording process which [...]

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