Genesis live, Paris Bataclan 1973


On October 6, 1972 Genesis released Foxtrot, their fourth studio album, featuring the entire second side of a long suite “The Supper’s Ready”.

A month earlier, the English band had started the “Foxtrot Tour”, which started on 9 September 1972 from the 1972 Franche-Comté Pop Festival in Montbéliard in France and ended on 8 May 1973 in Buxelles. The band then resumed (and definitively closed the tour) on August 26, 1973 at the Reading Festival.

That “Foxtrot Tour” saw Genesis perform for three dates in Italy: January 20 at Palasport Reggio Emilia and January 21 and 22 at the sports palace in Rome.

The images in this video reproduce the concert of January 10, 73 at the Bataclan in Paris, a place that became sadly famous for the attack of November 13, 2015 with 137 deaths.

This is the lineup of the video.

00:00 The Musical Box (da Musical box 1971)
10:02 Supper’s Ready (Da Foxtrot 972)
21:22 The Return of the Giant Hogweed(da Musical box 1971)
26:49 The Knife (da Trespass 1970)

The original concert opened with “Watcher of the skies” (from the Foxtrot album), cut here. The concert video (recorded for a French broadcaster) is included in the “ Genesis 1970-1975 ” 7 CD and 6 DVD box-set and ends with an unpublished interview with the band in French.

The video, although it dates back to 48 years ago, has been restored in 4k and so the reproposed quality is of the highest level.

The Supper’s Ready version is not integral. In the closing of “The Musical Box” Peter Gabriel, with the well-known strip of shaved hair, shows up with the fox mask “inaugurated” the previous year with the tour of “Nursery Crime”. Note Phil Collins , in shorts and with an essential yet punchy drum set. As usual, among the five musicians, the most hidden is Steve Hackett .

The concluding “The Knife” also confirms from the stage his vocation for guitar and rock, the only song in the band’s discography to have this approach.