Jam with Christophe Godin’s Mörglbl Trio

Mörglbl biography
Founded in Annecy, France in 1997 – Hiatus between 2002-2006 – Still active as of 2019

MÖRGLBL, also known as MÖRGLBL TRIO, is one of the bands/projects by guitarist Christophe Godin (other two projects being CHRISTOPHE GODIN’S METAL KARTOON and 2G).

MÖRGLBL is a French band (from Annecy), founded in 1997 (or 1996, according to lasercd.com). Godin decided to form an instrumental fusion rock band – he describes band’s music as ‘power-jazz-metal instrumental music’ – along with Jean Pierre Frelezeau (drums) and Ivan Rougny (bass).

Photo by Alexandre Coesnon

In 1997, MÖRGLBL’s first cd named “Ze Mörglbl Trio!!” was released and received good reactions from the French press. The band toured intensively in France, placing Christophe as one of France’s top guitar players. In 1999, the band’s second album “Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land” was released. After this release, they disbanded in 2002 – Godin was doing various projects in that period, but the band re-united in 2005, this time with Aurélien Ouzoulias on drums, and they released their third album, “Grotesk” in 2007.

The band is playing an unique fusion of jazz and metal; although jazz-metal as a form was not unknown before, their fusion of styles is perfectly balanced and one of the kind, forcing a listener to question him/herself what actually defines each of the musical styles that MÖRGLBL uses as a part of their style. The music is leaving quite a lot of space for improvisations, and it’s enjoyable and RECOMMENDED for anyone who’s interested in eclecticism varying from jazz-rock shredding guru such is HOLDSWORTH to the ‘post-trash’ metal of PANTERA style, with a solid amount of furious PRIMUS thrown in.

Moris Mateljan, 2008. (sources compiled from the band’s MySpace page, Godin’s web site, and lasercd.com)