Karlax – “The Dancer”

Film directed by Alex Boulic (alexboulic.com)
Dancer Choreographer: Hervé Diasnas
Produced by DA FACT (dafact.com)

Karlax has been designed to offer artists a range gestural incomparably rich, varied, expressive, intuitive and fun. Karlax captures all the gestures and movements of the fingers, wrists, elbows, forearms, torso and full body are captured, measured and transmitted to the computer that runs the artistic intentions of the performer and composer.

Find Alex and Boulic Karlax on www.raoutland.com:

In April, the Paris Conservatoire purchased a Karlax for its class « composition and new technologies » led by Luis Naon (composer and professor), Yann Geslin (composer, researcher at the GRM and professor) and Tom Mays (composer, interpreter and professor).

The mixed and electronic works are an important component of the young composers’ production at the Paris Conservatoire. In the class « composition and new technologies », under these activities unfold, the aesthetic diversity and freedom of expression are the result of the extremely rich variety of music composed by student composers throughout their schooling.

For over 10 years, the production of students in that field has led them to explore new horizons for the creation, while appropriating the tools that democratization of music informatics made accessible and diverse. The CNSMDP offers, in this regards, recording and sound designing studios, at the cutting edge of technology and benefiting from the research in collaboration with the main Parisian creation centers.

As part of their training, the composers perform a pathway connected to the history of electroacoustic genre in general, dating back to the origins of concrete and electronic music in the immediate postwar period.

Inaugurated in the late 60s, the class was oriented, in contact with the other disciplines of the Paris Conservatoire, towards a particular trend, strongly immersed in the idea of writing a sound.
Thus, the processes and parameters are part of a deep work to detail of the compositional field at large meaning.
This is surely due to this singularity, connecting electronic and mixity to sound and control, that it stands out in the European overview of the young creation.