Loup Barrow 2012 – Cristal Baschet

Loup is  a talented composer capable of writing both orchestral pieces and more minimalistic compositions.
Renowned for his great expertise with the Cristal Baschet the last polyphonic instrument invented in the 20th century in Paris Loup Barrow has made rare instruments his specialty. Born in Paris amongst a family of artists, he begins his musical upbringing at the age of 3 with the violin. He then spends his childhood immersed in a culturally vibrant 80s London where his parents live as musicians. Loup devotes himself to studying the drums for many years before his curiosity leads him to search for different musical sounds and textures, and to discover instruments such as the Hammered Dulcimer, the Steel drum, the Din Pah and the chromatic Mbira. He was introduced to percussion whilst touring in South Africa with his parents before furthering his study with Mustafa Tuita in Morocco. He also learns Steelpans in Martinique with Guy Louiset. While on a trip in Venice, he discovers the Glass Harp and decides to craft one himself on his return to France. His practice on the Glass Harp sharpens his curiosity for enigmatic instruments, and soon he discovers the Cristal Baschet. Loup goes to Paris to meet one of the inventors of this instrument: Bernard Baschet, and is very quickly enthralled by its unlimited musical possibilities. The fascinating and enchanting sounds of Loup’s rare instruments blend together with the warm tones of his own voice. He is a very skilled multi instrumentalist capable of playing a wide range of instruments, including a 6 octave Cristal Baschet, 3½ octave Glass Harp, Hammered Dulcimer, chromatic Mbira.