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Mike Dawes – The Impossible – Solo Guitar

CD – ‘What Just Happened?’ is the long awaited debut album from English guitarist Mike Dawes available athttp://www.candyrat.com/artists/miked…

Check out the multi-instrumental ‘Impossible 2.0’,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPLjW9… featuring Petteri Sariola and Nolly (Periphery)

Visit Mike Dawes at http://www.facebook.com/mikedawesoffi… andhttp://www.mikedawes.com

Mike is teaching guitar, along with his music, over Skype. Contact him on Facebook for more information.

mike dawes

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Mike Dawes – Boogie Slam (2013) Solo Acoustic Guitar

CD – ‘What Just Happened?’ is the long awaited debut album from English guitarist Mike Dawes available at http://www.candyrat.comand most other digital music stores. Guitar Tabs also available at the Candyrat store.

Catch Mike Dawes on tour throughout the world in 2013. Check out the dates at http://www.mikedawes.com andhttp://www.facebook.com/mikedawesoffi

Mike is teaching guitar, along with his music, over Skype. Contact him via Facebook or email for more information. Spaces limited!

‘In June 2012 I invited Helsinki-based guitarist Petteri Sariola to the UK for a short tour. I was totally blown away by his playing and this song sort of happened after I tried to emulate some of the techniques and ideas he was demonstrating at the shows. I’m really happy to present this as the first new video from my debut album ‘What Just Happened?’. I hope you enjoy it! – Mike’


Biography :

Mike Dawes is a 24 year old English guitar player and touring musician. He has been hailed as one of the world’s finest fingerstyle performers.

His acclaimed solo music, littered with nuances and micro-techniques, has seen him tour almost every continent on the planet. He has recorded with and sessioned for multiple grammy award-wining artists, appeared on film and TV advert soundtracks, written for and been published in international music magazines, as well as achieving viral YouTube hits in the millions.

Additionally, Mike currently tours as Justin Hayward’s lead guitar player, performing Moody Blues classics throughout the USA.

He’s exceptional, I know you’re going to love him – Justin Hayward, The Moody Blues

At 24 years of age, Mike has made a huge impact in a relatively short space of time. His persistent work ethic and entertainingly meticulous approach to composition and performance on a single instrument has seen raised smiles and dropped jaws all over the world. He is not a typical guitar player. On a single steel string guitar Mike is able to coax out the most unusual and subtle textures, whilst performing layers and layers of music simultaneously. Bass. Percussion. Harmony. Melody.

In a style that is hard to describe, the young Brit combines rock, folk, funk and pop music in an instrumental concoction that leaves listeners both confused and intrigued.

I guess you could call it ‘Instrumentalfolkpoprock’, or something – Acoustic Magazine Interview

In June 2012, Mike Dawes released his first solo instrumental through the US label, Candyrat Records. This incredibly detailed arrangement of Gotye’s smash hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ took on a life of it’s own when it smashed through 1.5 million views in just one week online. Since going viral, the video found itself on the front page of Reddit, Collegehumour and hundreds of popular blogging sites. MSN news featured Mike on the front of their US web browser whilst Gotye himself praised the arrangement as his favourite cover of the song, even inviting Mike to session at his studio in South Australia.