Coming the new Orchestra di Via Padova’ CD : Acqua.

11 original compositions that tell of their relationship with the land and with the different cultures that inhabit her.

A tree toppled like a look on the other side of the world from where the different roots are intertwined with our roots to build new plots and new common destinies.

A tree from continuing to feed and food through its lifeblood: the water element of life, culture and exchange


The “Orchestra di via Padova”

sounds and colours from all the world

 Five years of life, two albums produced, nineteen musicians from nine different  countries. These are just some of the Orchestra di via Padova’s numbers, an almost unique reality in the Italian musical panorama.

 Born in 2006 by the meeting of professional musicians  with different experiences and artistic sensibility, it has become since immediately a laboratory of comparison and experimentation: every member has done the possible  to create a common language based on the cultural exchange and the musical  contamination.

The physical meeting place has been actually the famous street of Milan, via Padova, the most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural street of the city, where many musicians still live or work.

The multiethnic orchestras are growing up in our country, nevertheless few of them are structured enough to propose high standard compositions, collectively arranged and elaborated such as the Orchestra di Via Padova. The sound of the band moves from funky to jazz, mixing the African rhythms to the Balkan ballads up to the classical music, blues and the Italian songs.

The peculiarity of the orchestra is right to create a dialogue of different musical traditions and instrumentations. Their second album “Stanotte!” is just published and presenting an exciting mix of styles, very far each other, read on jazz and world-music language. In comparison to the preceding album “Tunjà“, the last work shown a great stylistic unity also in consideration of the fact  that the largest part of the line-up of the orchestra has been unchanged.

The band members of the Orchestra, directed and arranged by Massimo Latronico, are :

Vocalist : Tatiana Zazuliak, voice from Ucraina, Aziz Riahi, voice, oud & violin from Morocco, Juan Carlos Vega, voice, guitar & charango dal Perù, Francesca Sabatino, lead-voice from Italy.

Strings quartet : Kristina Mircovic, lead-violin from Serbia, Marta Pistocchi, 2nd violin, musician with Rom influence, from Italy, Walter Parisi, cello, from Italy; Andon Manushi, viola from Albania,

Brass Section : Domenico Mamone sax, Franco Lopoilito clarinet & sax, Luciano Macchia   trombone,  Raffaele Kolher trumpet & flugelhorn, both from Italy.

Rhythmic Section : Abdullay Traorè balafon, djambè & chant from Burkina Faso, Yamil Castillo Otero batà e congas from Cuba, Alfredo Munoz (ex Art Blakey) assorted percussion from Cuba, Marco Roverato electric & acoustic bass, Andrea Migliarini drums from Italy.

Band completed by Dario Walid Yassa, keyboards from Egypt and, last but not least Massimo Latronico, director, electric & acoustic guitar, bouzouky,

The LIVE performance highlights the common goal that forms the thread among the members of the band, giving effect to a mature sound, of high cultural interest, a rousing spectacles full of colour and change of environments, technically satisfactory  representing an ideological around the world which involves even the less prepared spectator.

The Orchestra di Via Padova plays several concerts in Italy and partecipates to different festival, theater and events. The City of Milan has recognized the high musical value of the Orchestra

applying for a Special Premium in 2012 for the high cultural values.

OFFICIAL SITE : www.orchestradiviapadova.com

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Orchestra di Via Padova