Ryan Adams has been cranking out a steady stream of non-album singles lately, and some of them, like “No Shadow,” have been truly great. Add another keeper to that pile. Earlier this month, Adams announced the impending release of a new 7″ called I Do Not Feel Like Being Good, which includes three new songs that Adams recorded solo-acoustic, with two microphones, in a single afternoon. The single is out now, and all three songs — “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good,” “How Much Light,” and “In The Dark” — are just transportingly lovely. This is Adams in ruminative singer-songwriter mode, recorded lo-fi enough that you can hear his fingers squeaking on the guitar strings. Adams’ self-titled 2014 full-length shows that he’s really hitting his stride lately doing cleaned-up, accessible full-band easy rockers, but acoustic songs like this might be what he’s best at. In any case, these are three songs for the Heartbreaker heads out there, which should really be all of us. If you’ve got Spotify,

Source: Ryan Adams – “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good,” “How Much Light,” & “In The Dark” – Stereogum

RYAN ADAMS – I Do Not Feel Like Being Good

Ryan Adams- In the Dark

Ryan Adams – How Much Light (2015)