Tobias Rauscher Still Awake

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Tuning: Eb G D G Bb D
Guitar: Taylor 310 ce
Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze .12 to .53
Mic: Rode NT4
Cam: Canon EOS 600 D
PP: Final Cut Pro X
EQ: Logic Pro

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Bio :

He started to play the electric guitar at the age of 14 as an autodidact and played a lot of rock & heavy music. Two years later He started his first band “Synatic” with some friends from school.

In 2008 He started to study music in cologne and had several side projects, mainly with the acoustic guitar. Besides this He worked as a private guitar teacher for many years.

Since 2010 He totally got into playing percussive fingerstyle and messing around with unusual tunings that He has never heard of before. He even makes up own tunings and experimented with them in order to create new interesting songs and to stay creative. This way no scales or chords can be applied anymore which is the basis for creativity in his mind. This makes playing like pioneering discovering new possibilities far away from usual pattern.

Some of his inspirations on the acoustic guitar are Maneli Jamal, Andy McKee, Jon Gomm and some more. Besides, He gets a lot of inspiration from other musical genres and artists too that influence his compositions and playing.