Tunjà – Videoclip – Orchestra di Via Padova

Videoclip of Tunja eponymous CD.

Directed by Claudia Cipriani, music Abdullay Taorè / Maximum Latrobe, sung by Abdullay Traore and performed by the Orchestra of Via Padova.

The “Orchestra di via Padova”

a permanent musical laboratory


Five years of life, two albums produced, seventeen musicians from nine different countries.These are some of the Orchestra di via Padova’s numbers, an almost unique reality in the Italian musical panorama.


Born in 2006 by the meeting of professionals musicians  with experiences and different artistic sensibility, it has become since immediately a laboratory of comparison and experimentation: every component has done the possible  to create a common language based on the exchange and the cultural contamination.


The physical place of the meeting has been indeed street Padova, the street more multiethnic than Milan, where many musicians live or they still work.


The multiethnics orchestras  are also a reality in our country, luckily, nevertheless few elaborate the passages in collective and community way as the Orchestra di Via Padova. This makes the rich and variegated sonorities of the band able to space from the funky to the jazz, from the African rhythms to the Balkan ballads up to the classical one, to the blues and the Italian song.


The Orchestra di Via Padova creates actually its music really through the dialogue of different musical traditions.


Its second album “Stanotte!”, fresh of press, ability emerges in to melt together very distant musical cultures among them, in an organic and involving sonorous mix. In comparison to the preceding job “Tunjà”, the last work also has a great stylistic unity for  the reason that the big part of the components of the orchestra has been unchanged.


To the native group composed by Tatiana Zazuliak, voice from Ukraine, Aziz Riahi, voice, oud and violin from Morocco, Kristina Mircovic, violin from Serbia, Abdoullay Traorè balafon, djembè and voice from  Burkina Faso, Yamil Castillo Otero batà and congas from Cuba and by the Italian Massimo Latronico, direction, guitars and bouzouky, Marco Roverato, electric bass, Andrea Migliarini, drum, Walter Parisi, cello, Raffaele Kolher to the trumpet and the flügelhorn, Stefano Corradi , clarinet and saxes, new musicians are added that have enriched the musical mélange of the group: Juan Carlos Vega, voice and guitar from Peru, Andon Manushi, violin from Albania, the Egyptian italo Dario Walid Yassa to the piano and Keyboard and the Italian Luciano Macchia to the trumpet, Domenico Mamone, sax, Marta Pistocchi, with artistic influences rom, to the violin.


All the members of Orchestra di Via Padova live in Milano (Italy).


Relationship between the group members are thus strengthened, giving greater force to a mature  sound , territorially identificable, so as to allow the Director Massimo Latronico to define urban ethnic music of the orchestra, to emphasize how the urban environment has influenced their work, setting the “mood” sound highly representative of the atmosphere underground.


Via Padova, where everything happens and everything is forgotten hurry, for survival.People pass with their history, their rhythms, their colors, their flavors, but without stopping. The Orchestra was born with  the desire to make a mark in this place, a sign that wants to be a different kind of  right of citizenship to those who, to do it, is forced to wander all the time. “


The “Orchestra di Via Padova” has performed in many important Italian Festival, like Carroponte Festival, La Notte di San Lorenzo Festival, etc, and in some TV (Rai 3, Rai 5, Canale 5) and Radio (Radio Popolare, Radio Lifegate) and also has performed for Inter AC (italian footbal club – A serie).

Tunjà - Videoclip - Orchestra di Via Padova