Walking around town at night with the dog feels like the pinnacle of mystery hunting. Going through areas and alleys I typically don’t. Finding new tags on trains that I never ride. Exploring the unknown. Yoshimi’s new video for “Hidden In Concrete ” not only clarifies this desire to seek anew through curious navigation, but the song itself implores a clever appeal of serendipity to it through echoing flutes percussion’d by chimes faintly feeling the background of space as reversed loops siren mantras that hypnotize while by bouncing around listeners’ skull interiors. A graceful poise reflected by intentional resonance harmonizing like Thai Chi does one’s core cell. “Hidden In Concrete ” almost feels like an IRL glitch where you get stuck behind a wall, but can move everywhere in the map, getting into locations you’ve only been able to experience at a distance. I’m also watching The Holy Mountain right now, so listening to Yoshimi’s whole new album Tokyo Restricted Area on Dream Catalogue is fleeking me out. Listen!